SL73 Rescued from German Garage after 17 years

sl73 barn find

One-Off SL73 Found!
17 Years in Storage

Our friends at Classic Driver revealed this extraordinary German garage find a month or so ago. Its seems a Mr. Lanzendorfer commissioned this bespoke 1999 SL73 from AMG in spring of 1999. Not content with the typical SL73 combination of silver with black leather, he opted instead for amber red metallic combined with designo black/red leather accented with red carbon fiber accents.

I would consider this special order SL73 to be the most valuable R129 in existence.

To review, the SL73 was an 85 unit run of 1999/2000 European V12 R129s with upgraded drivetrain, brakes, wheels and tires. Power rose from 389 to 525 hp and maximum torque ballooned to 558 ft/lb! The conversion cost about $47k and took the price of the completed car to over $168k.

sl73 engine

The SL73’s 7.3 liter M120 series V12 also found its way into the CLK GTR in 6.9 liter form as well as into the extraordinarily rare Pagani Zonda S.

Abandoned for 17 years

Mr. Lanzendorfer took delivery of his unique SL73 circa August 1999 complete with sill plates and shift lever with his name on them. He used the car sparingly and let the it go in 2005 after consigning it to auction whereupon the second owner purchased the car. This is where the story takes an unusual turn; after little use, this owner parked the car in an underground garage and left it for 17 years. Extraordinary.

SL73 rare designo black and red interior

Black/Red Designo seat and door panel trim combined with red stitching and red carbon fiber accents create one spectacular 129 interior environment. Note the perfectly matched phone dock!

The Ultimate Young Classic Find

Evidently the second owner realized that 17 years sitting was doing the car absolutely no good, hence the phone call to Mechatronik requesting assistance bringing the car back to life. That’s a phone call we all would love to have received. The car’s extraordinary specification and unusual provenance was not lost on the men from Mechatronik; they purchased the brilliant SL73 for their collection and proceeded to evaluate and service every system while bringing the car back to life.

Once carefully detailed, Mr. Lanzend√∂rfer’s ex-SL73 glowed once again. Two piece AMG alloys tell us there is something special about this R129.

The definitive R129

I’ve owned exceptional V12 129s over the years and have always described the driving experience as that of riding on a 400 HP magic carpet. Such is the sensation as you savor the silent wall of power that effortlessly urges you down the road in a V12 R129. The noise level barely rises but the scenery begins to rocket by the side windows. This is why we buy V12s.

I can’t imagine what the additional 126 HP must feel like. It’s a heavyweight so you won’t be badgering anything with the engine in the middle on twisty roads. But I can’t think of anything I’d rather be in for a run down Highway 1 to Big Sur. I would consider this special order SL73 to be the most valuable R129 in existence. Thank you Mr. Lanzendorfer. And thank you Mechatronik for sharing this car with our community.

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