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The e-newsletter is your one-stop source for all things classic Mercedes news. We’ve been part of the global classic Mercedes scene for 30 years: buying, restoring and selling unique Mercedes-Benz. You can learn about the cars you love through hundreds of articles archived on New articles covering the classic Mercedes news scene arrive monthly.

2,200 Classic Mercedes-Benz Models

From Gullwings to 240Ds, I’ve owned over 2,200 interesting Mercedes classics during my 33 years in business. The newsletters cover the entire range of interesting Mercedes classics. Read about spectacular finds and and disappointing misses. Mercedes tastes are changing and we’re focusing on new trends such as the increasing interest in young classic MBs and emerging collectible AMG models.

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Follow the market trends and see what’s selling and what’s not. There is something for everyone’s classic Mercedes tastes whether they be for the iconic 123 models or the gorgeous 111 model coupes and cabriolets. I cover them all.

New articles arrive monthly and are archived in the following sections of the site:  Classic MB Culture,All things AMG, MB Heritage.


You’ll also find excellent videos from Daimler Media and other respected sources covering special Mercedes models, tours, events, and unique personalities. Included are amazing videos such as Stirling Moss: Unbeaten and Midnight in Stuttgart. And there are many more superb videos archived covering the entire scope of the classic Mercedes scene. Vintage Mercedes-Benz information is never out of date and always relevant to the hobby.

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