Legends of the Autobahn 2016


Legends 2016
A Monterey must

August 2016

Wandering the massive display of German engineering arrayed over the manicured lawns of the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club has been my Monterery Friday early AM ritual for some years now. While the cars are always intriguing, meeting friends and clients from around the globe is always great fun.

Chatting with clients Phil Lutfy, Marc Winnikoff, Chuck Stanford, Dan Bender and Ralph Moceo about the state of the classic MB world confirmed that our hobby is thriving and that the Mercedes young and oldtimers present were indeed in good hands. Chuck Stanford was particularly pleased because MB corporate scheduled a video shoot with him and the spectacular anthracite/red 280SL I sold him in 2014. Evidently it will be part of an overview of the MB scene in Monterey this year.
Restomod comes to Legends

MBCA cleverly added the Custom/Modified Class this year to accommodate the genre of ‘restomod’ in the Mercedes realm. Class winner Giuliano Fuimani’s gorgeous black 1963 220SE cabriolet had been fitted with a 3.5 liter V8, 5-speed gearbox, 16? wheels and a massive driving light in the center of grille shell. The workmanship was superb with all modifications beautifully integrated. The modified cars were an excellent addition to the show.

Best of show for Mercedes was Eric Bergstedt’s meticulously restored and upgraded Silver 1992 500E. My favorite car? Being a Fintail addict I would have to choose fellow Fintail addict Bob Gunthorp’s 1967 200D stretch limousine. Enjoy the photo essay below and be sure to visit the show in 2017!


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Legends of the Autobahn 2016

  • My trusty 1965 220SE sunroof coupe delivered me to the myriad events the entire Monterey week.
  • Diversity is the key at MBCA events and there was much to see in the parking area adjacent to the show.
  • This Rudge wheel 300SL roadster was the sole 198 series SL on the lawn. It’s a much used tour and event car.
  • Sun begins to break through the fog over a group of youngtimer SLs.
  • This early 500E looks quite nice in this color. A tough looking 124.
  • John Olson’s 300SE/32 interior blends 112 coupe elements with 2003 C32 technology. What a project!
  • John Olson’s 1963 300SE received the engine/transmission, entire front/rear suspension and more from a 2003 C32.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John’s ex-factory show car 300SE cabriolet is stunning in beige metallic and green leather.
  • A couple of SECs competing the the preservation class. SEC prices are on the rise and rightfully so.
  • Bob Buckner’s 3.5 Cabro shares the lawn with Ralph Moceo’s 280SE ‘high-grille Cabrio. Note the different grille designs.
  • Chuck Stanford’s gorgeous 280SL, a car I sold to him a few years ago. It caught Mercedes-Benz media’s eye.
  • Acres of Mercedes-Benz’, BMWs and Audis. Great fun in Monterey.
  • Giuliano Fiumani’s superbly executed modified 220SE Cabrio: 16″ wheels, lowered suspension, a 3.5 liter V8 and 5-speed.
  • Another 112 coupe restomod was this 300SE fitted with a 6.3 engine and the rare ATS 16″ alloys. Very cool.
  • Mercedes-Benz Classic Center’s fabulous 220SE touring car racing series contestant is always a welcome site.
  • Bob Buckner’s 904 Blue 3.5 Cabriolet has been a fixture at NorCal events over the years.
  • Looks like a 181 light beige 230SL here. Pagodas are still charming the classic MB community.
  • Rene and Nicole Wiegand’s highly preserved 1963 190SL rarely sees the light of day. It's 1 of 104 built.
  • Freshly restored two-tone 300SE coupe and Bob Gunthorp’s stretch 200D limo. 300SE coupe won the class.
  • A well presented 300SE is a treat. I see factory headrests and a sunroof on this beautiful black 112 coupe.
  • Plenty of room in this fintail limo!
  • Lovely interior with AC and wood door caps in the Gunthorp 200D limo.
  • Bob Gunthorp’s 200D fintail limousine is one rare bird. I see fan fare horns under the front bumper.
  • MBCA judge eyeballing the 300SE coupe.
  • Chuck Stanford being filmed by Daimler Media for a video covering the Monterey week. A great guy and a great SL.
  • Early small bumper 107 SLs are still generating interest. This looks like a blue license plate California 1972/73 350/450SL.
  • A personal 129 ‘Designo’ edition…
  • Hot rod 500SL interior ready for a day at the track. Nicely done.
  • Road warrior early 129 500SL was very cool. They can be had for a pittance so why not turn one into a track day car!
  • Extraordinary Mercedes collector Phil Lutfy finishes detailing his 220SE cabriolet.
  • New C-Class coupe is one of the more spectacular designs from MB of late. AMG version is a stormer.
  • Interesting color/soft top/wheel cover combination on this 190SL
  • Restored 190SL from Sea Cliff just north of the peninsula.
  • New S550 Cabrio and earlier SLS complement the oldtimers. Yes, it was foggy in the morning.
  • Acres of Mercedes-Benz’, BMWs and Audis. Great fun in Monterey.

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