Monterey 2016 Overview


Scenes from Monterey 2016
Mercedes-Benz and beyond

August 2016

Let’s widen our Monterey perspective a bit and savor some of the other action that occurred during that jammed week in August. Regardless of your automotive tastes there is always an event in Monterey for you. Let’s take a look at the scene in 2016.

roy spencer/editor mercedesheritage
photography/mercedesheritage – – motocycletop

Monterey 2016

  • Best of Show at Pebble Beach was the1936 Lancia Austura Pinin Farina Cabriolet. Rescued from England in the ’70s.
  • SLS style 300SL roadster in an apple green (268?) complemented with an eye-popping crimson interior.
  • Ford GT wedge. A group of International race winners including 3 Le Mans winners pose overlooking Stillwater Cove.
  • Bonhams Auction: A lone 111 cabriolet rests within examples of three generations of SL .
  • Quail Lodge Friday 5pm: AMG’s latest flank their great grandfather…
  • Quail Lodge Friday afternoon: Grille of the AMG GT R echos that of the W194 Gullwing.
  • Quail Lodge Friday afternoon: Green Hell AMG GT R.
  • 1902 Delahaye type 0A Rear Entry Tonneau made a detour during the Tour and an early return to Ocean Ave.
  • Wednesday evening: Monterey Jet Center’s hanger which was jammed with special cars/bikes and airplanes…and people!
  • Party time over the ultimate edition of the McLaren Can Am car, the 1972 M20.
  • Gordon and Molly McCall’s epic cocktail party for 3,000 at the Monterey Jet Center was again an amazing affair.
  • Octane magazine’s editor David Lillywhite and Chasing Cars' Wayne Carini arrive at Concours de LeMons.
  • ‘Worst of Show’ at the Concours de LeMons in Seaside fell to the clapped out 1974 Bricklin SV-1 of Chris Blizzard.
  • Pebble Sunday AM: The Beast in the flesh. How about those see-through ruby colored wheel covers!
  • Outrageous Vision Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 consumed millions of pixels during the week.
  • Pebble Beach Sunday noon: Is there a more glorious display of natural and man made 4-wheeled beauty on the planet?
  • Fancy a Ford GT? Henry Ford finally wrested Le Mans from Ferrari's firm grip in 1966.
  • Pebble Beach Sunday: Mercedes 70 HP’s grille says it all.
  • Pebble Beach Sunday: Gorgeous 1911 Mercedes 70 HP Vanvooren Seven Passenger Touring graces the lawn.
  • Daimler Design Chief Gorden Wagener and Tony Spencer chat about the future of MB design.
  • Ferrari Competition Class heavyweights. The 1966 330 P4 Drogo Spyder #7 took first prize.
  • 1931 Wonder Bread Special two-man Indianapolis car with fabulous bread wrapper graphics.
  • Pebble Beach Sunday 7:30: Freshly Factory restored Muira SV and Chapron bodied Delahaye creep toward the lawn.
  • JD Classics supremo Derek Hood eases his freshly restored alloy Gullwing down the path Pebble Beach's 18th fairway.
  • Heavy Italian iron in the foyer of Gooding & Co’s massive auction tent. LWB California Spider Alloy Competition sold for $18m.
  • It always pays to look around the Classic Center’s layout for subtle surprises...
  • MB Classic Center: The creator of the red Beast: Gorden Wagener chills at the MB Classic Center pavilion.
  • MB Classic Center Pebble Beach Saturday 4 pm: Zingy apple green 300SLS fronts the airy pavilion.
  • David Gooding advising a potential client: “I should think $3.5m would buy it tonight sir.”
  • Arriving for some vintage racing action after the Legends of the Autobahn in my trusty 220SE coupe.
  • Ocean Avenue: This rather blue 1958 Ferrari 250GT Tour de France was restored next to me over the last 24 months.

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