Monterey 2018 – Street Scene

Monterey 2018
Street Scene

While the crackling mob of super/hyper cars that attacked the streets during Monterey’s fantastic Car Week garnered most of the cell phone attention, those with keen eyes not blinded by electric green Lamborghini Aventadors and Camo wrapped Hurracans could spot some cool old school MBs going about their business. Monterey has been an active enclave for Mercedes products for many decades and I’ve bought dozens of cars in the area in the last 28 years.

As I wandered the streets of Carmel’s downtown ‘Village’ each evening I spied interesting MBs on just about every block, most of which were simply the cars of the locals going about their business amid the mayhem. I seriously doubt whether the owner of the spotless 1980 Manganese Brown 300SD was impressed by the moron in a new Lambo executing redline launches from the corner of Ocean and Lincoln avenues.

This first generation 300SD had an undeniable single owner vibe. A blue plate CA car in manganese brown.

Young classics galore

123s were well represented and I spotted a few spotless 300D turbos as well as a comprehensively neglected 300D with a for sale sign in the window, its owner rather optimistically hoping for a buyer within the one percenters passing by. There was a side swiped ’84 300SD with later style wheels, a tatty first generation 190E and a spotless champagne 450SL resplendent in full late ’70s kitsch with chrome alloys and chrome wheel arches.

The smoke silver 560SEC sitting across the street from the Cypress Inn was a picture of quite, confident elegance and taste. 140 sedans were represented as well although the ’97 S600 sedan sitting in front of the Aston Martin enclave looks to have caused its owner a walk home; it had obviously been sitting at the curb for weeks…


Yes, there were some serious MBs laying about as well. As I eased my 250SE coupe into a parking spot at the Casa Munras Saturday night, I found myself next to a gloriously weathered Gullwing and I stumbled upon a brand new eye-popping red E63 wagon while strolling down to the Forge for a beer with my brothers. Have a look at the Gallery below to savor the on-the-street MB vibe in Monterey this year.


Gallery: Monterey Street Scene 2018

  • Yes, there are still some first generation 190Es on the road.
  • This lovely 190SL was parked at the Lodge at Pebble Beach.
  • Trashed 300D hoping for a buyer. Far cheaper than RM/Sotheby's $44m 250GTO.
  • Lovely 300D turbo owner taking care of some banking downtown.
  • Side swiped SD spotted on Tuesday walking down to Concours on the Avenue.
  • Lovely and rare tobacco brown 300SEL 3.5 in Gooding & Co parking area.
  • 300SL roadster coffee stop on Ocean avenue.
  • Classic late 70s 450SL with period mods.
  • 560SEC still a tasteful Carmel resident.
  • Dead V12 140 sedan seems to have let its owner down some weeks ago.
  • First generation E55 a definite young classic.
  • Brilliant brand new E63 wagon in bright red.
  • Ivory E320s were pretty rare. An iconic 124 sedan.
  • Lime green G-Wagon definitely fit the generally obnoxious supercar vibe on Ocean avenue.
  • AMG GT Convertible the right car for a cruise down to Big Sur.
  • Clean Desert Silver S320 with later wheels.
  • A double young classic MB owner: A nice 300D fronts a 450SL in the garage.
  • Clean 129 SL500 on Ocean avenue.
  • 560SEC at the Lodge.
  • Fabulous weathered 300SL with rudge wheels.

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