Legends of the Autobahn 2019

Legends 2019
Changing Tastes

Mercedes enthusiasts visiting the 2019 edition of Legends of the Autobahn had to be struck by the general mix of MBs on display. There wasn’t a gullwing in sight and I spied just a couple of Pagodas on the  brilliant green manicured lawns.

Yes, we were treated to a breathtaking 500K Special Roadster radiating pre-war decadence from the epicenter of the field and a lovely and gloriously weathered 300 Convertible d was not far away. But the action at this year’s event seemed to be about young classics supported by generally younger enthusiasts, a trend that is definitely gaining momentum.

For me the car most emblematic of MB motorsport on the lawn was Giovanni Londi’s 220SE Argentinian rally car.



legends of the autobahn, 500k

Typically a Mercedes I would expect to see on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours on Sunday, this 500K Special Roadster was absolutely spectacular. Breathtaking perfection.

Quirky and Cool

Would we have seen a slammed fintail with dead paint and lumpy coachwork on display 5 years ago? Or a pedestrian 250T wagon on view – also slammed and with dying paint – with an array of rust spots knocked down to bare metal by a disc grinder? I don’t think so.

But what a breath of fresh air for the show. These cars pull you in, their wounds and quirky modifications revealing character and endurance. You’re drawn in for a closer look, and a conversation with the owner.


Tired of perfect cars? Legends presented some fascinating and appealingly blemished young classics.

Wagons Ho!

And what a line up of wagons! My ride for this year’s Monterey week was a single owner 1980 300TD wagon from Kansas with but 64k miles on the clock. I wormed my way across the field in the manganese brown wagon and (discretely) crashed the 123/124 wagon display. A very quirky/spectacular group. JG Francis displayed his two over-the-top ‘green as can be’ 123 Euro wagons and you just had to pause for awhile to absorb all the quirks embodied within the blue RHD 124 wagon.

This is where the the crowd was buzzing. There were also two more JG Francis entries, a lovely green 115 280 sedan and a sublime two-tone 250C riding low and rolling on low profile tires. Are the 114 sedans and 115 coupes ready for a new wave of interest? I’ve always been a fan and these cars are still affordable and just might appeal to the younger MB enthusiast. In my mind, these are definitely hip cars.


The more you looked at this RHD UK 124 wagon, the more interesting it became. It’s a certified world traveler that must have many stories to tell. Love the whitewalls and down market plastic wheel covers.

Competition Fin

I should mention Mercedes-Benz corporate is celebrating its 125 years of motorsport this year and Legends featured a non-judged class for AMG and other ‘motorsport inspired chassis’ of all ages. For me the car most emblematic of MB motorsport on the lawn was Giovanni Londi’s 220SE Argentinian rally car, its pedigree documented by a binder of period images of the car in action.

Unrestored and with its scarred paint and coachwork revealing many tough miles off the tarmac, this fuel-injected fintail was a gem. Wonderful.


legends of the autobahn, rally fintail

What a find! An rally prepared fuel injected 220SE from Argentina with plenty of period rallying history. Fantastic patina and original ‘SUPERMOVIL YPF’ livery.

MB Community

There were other gems arrayed on the lawn as well: Andy Chan’s spectacular 500E, Bob Buckner’s midnight blue 280SE 3.5 cabriolet, and a a few rare pre-merger AMG cars. But the real joy was the camaraderie between all the entrants and in sharing car stories at an ideal venue on a perfect sun drenched Friday. A day well spent for all.

Be sure to look at the photo gallery from Legends 2019 below for a nice over view. Keep an eye out for the review of my favorite Legends 2019 entrant. Coming to your inbox soon.


Chilling in a E320 Cabriolet. The Legends vibe, it’s all about sharing the cars and experiences with friends.

roy spencer/editor mercedesheritage.com

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Legends of the Autobahn 2019 Photo Gallery

  • Much to see at Legends for any Mercedes-Benz enthusiast.
  • R129 SLs were celebrated this year. 2002 SL500 Silver Arrow in foreground.
  • A serious pre-merger AMG 560SEC 6.0 fitted with AMGs' proprietary 4-cam engine.
  • Rare E60 was among the 'racing heritage' group.
  • R129s of all types.
  • Universal fintail ambulance a very rare find.
  • MBCA judge Bob Doerr checks Timothy Nagy's 280SE coupe for functionality.
  • Jon Koobation's restored 1963 300SE coupe fronts Timothy Nagy's 280SE coupe.
  • Spotless 560SEL
  • 129 Tails.
  • Slammed and weathered Fintail was a nice addition.
  • Weathered 250T wagon was a rust art piece.
  • Patina is certainly in vogue.
  • Andy Chan's fabulous '93 500E.
  • What a gorgeous day to tour the cars.
  • Well travelled UK 124 wagon.
  • UK 124 wagon offered many surprises.
  • Gorgeous fintail.
  • Bob Buckner readies his 280SE 3.5 cabriolet for the judges.
  • Patrick Hung's 500SL fronts Dieter Wulff's SL500 and Scott Brinkley's E320 Cabriolet.
  • Rare 300 convertible d is just out of decades storage.
  • Highly original 300 convertible d interior
  • Novel swiveling rear view mirror to see over retracted 300 convertible d top.
  • 300 convertible d dash detail.
  • Lounging on a Peter Tossi's sleeper 124 wagon. An AMG C36 engine looms under the hood.
  • Peter Tossi's C36 powered 124 wagon.
  • One of only 2 pagodas on the premises. Arabian grey and on wide Bundt-style alloys.
  • Reginald Ramirez's clean 190E 2.3 16v.
  • AMG interior mods to 560SEC.
  • Your author's 64k mile 1980 300TD.
  • Distinguished Auto Group displayed two 123 wagons.
  • Silver 129 lineup includes on Silver Arrow at far right.
  • Jon Koobation's immaculate 300SE engine bay.
  • Jon Koobation's 300SE Coupe.
  • J.G. Francis' green wagon duo. Each was simply superb.
  • Mother of pearl dash in 500K.
  • Distinguished Auto Group's Euro 123 wagons.
  • J.G. Francis 250C.

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