Brabus Ventures into the Classics

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Not a 230 mph 2011 Brabus 800 E V12 in sight. Historically known as a respected tuner of current model Mercedes-Benz, Brabus now turns its attention toward oldtimer restoration and sales.

Brabus Looks Back
Oldtimers in Focus

Recent news from Brabus reveals an addition to this tuner’s traditional repertoire of overpowered 200 mph contemporary Mercedes; classic sales and restoration of selected Mercedes classics.

In partnership with the German dealer group Lueg, Brabus Classics will source, restore and sell unique classic Mercedes as well as offer paint, upholstery and restoration services for clients.

brab class pagoda

Established classics such as the Pagoda range will be comprehensively restored at Brabus Classic. Prices will be massive, however, and with the current dollar/euro relationship we don’t expect many of their cars appearing in the United States.

Young Classics Too

Nor will this new division of Brabus confine its efforts only to the established classics. With growing support for the emerging ‘young classics’ from Mercedes enthusiasts worldwide and Mercedes Classic in Fellbach, Brabus will follow suit offering restored post 1973 models as well. Mid to late ’80 SECs and 116 series sedans have been spied in the Brabus Classic workshops.

brab 6.9

Special 116s series cars such as this 6.9 will be offered at Brabus Classics. The youngtimer awareness continues to expand among not only enthusiasts but tuners and restoration shops as well. Early Euro 6.9s are approaching 35+ years old. They are certainly milestone cars.

How Much?

Prices will be understandably staggering, however, if you wish to either have a car restored or purchase something in the Brabus Classics inventory. What’s the value add of the Brabus brand being behind the classic Mercedes you purchase or decide to restore? That remains to be seen as the proof will be in the overall quality of the final product. The current dollar/euro relationship skews a real world value judgement.

Regardless, Brabus’ classic commitment further legitimizes the growing sentiment that many of the Silver Star’s less glamorous products of the ’70s and ’80

BRABUS Clas 3.5 int)

This restored mid-blau 280SE 3.5 cabriolet’s creme interior radiates the traditional opulence of the period in gorgeous fashion.

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