Kicherer SLS ‘Supersport Black Edition’

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Kircherer’s interpretation of the SLS is wrapped in matte black foil and sports 20″ RS-1 alloy wheels. Aside from the tail pipe tips, there is zero brightwork on the Supersport.

Kicherer Supersport Black Edition
Tweaking the SLS

German high performance tuner Kicherer is the latest firm to join the soon to be crowded ring of specialists tinkering with the new SLS AMG Gullwing. Their SLS Supersport Black Edition package has just been released and features the usual fare of extra power (+50hp), revised wheels and tires (20? RS-1 alloys) and cosmetic tweaks.

Kicherer places their stamp on the original SLS’s design by adding a carbon fiber splitter under the nose, a rear carbon fiber diffuser and revised side grilles. Suspension revisions include a fully adjustable sport suspension with an adjustable leveling function.


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Removing all the brightwork from the SLS’s already bland tail design doesn’t help the overall impact of the car. Aftermarket wheels look, well…like aftermarket wheels.

Improving the Breed?
Probably Not

What’s our take on this modified SLS? We recommend you skip it altogether. If you’re after a bespoke new SLS, you can either wait for the rumored REAL Black Series from AMG or order a new standard SLS and have it delivered to AMG’s Performance Studio.

AMG’s wizards will create the SLS of your dreams with no warranty issues and you’ll have the comfort of knowing that the only hands turning wrenches on your $200k SLS are those that designed and built the car.


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Here’s a standard SLS pausing in California. Is the Kicherer edition a better looking car?

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