Pagoda glamour: Overdrive 280SL

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Pagoda Glamour
Overdrive 280SL

We’re always interested in creative interpretations of the iconic 280SL. We’ve covered the Bulgarian firm Vilners take on the Pagoda and now another Bulgarian company, Overdrive, has presented their unique vision of a Pagoda. After tastefully modifying one of the Jaguar XJ220 supercars, they recently turned to this established MB classic.

The dazzling candy apple red would do any hot rodder proud and the sumptuously trimmed white interior is gorgeous with its pleats and candy red piping. White is the interior theme and not one surface has been spared from either supple pure white leather or plush white carpeting. The theme includes a white steering column and a white leather trimmed steering wheel with candy red horn ring. Pure and plush for sure.

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Not one square inch of this 1971 280SL interior has been spared a layer of supple white leather or plush white carpet. Workmanship looks superb and the overall effect is one of serenity and opulence.

Brilliance inside and out

There is a report of an uprated transmission but the SL seems to be largely original beyond the eye-popping paint and gorgeous interior and a fancy sound system. It all looks beautifully executed and the finish of both the coachwork and interior are luminous. What do you think?

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This is one spectacular 280SL. the superb paint depth and gloss and perfect panel surfaces are evident here. Not quite my style but a beautiful variation on the Pagoda theme.

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