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Legends 2017
AMG Reigns

If you were interested in seeing the holy grail within the pre/post-merger AMG realm, Legends of the Autobahn on August 18 was the place to be. In concert with Mercedes-Benz Classic, Legends celebrated AMG’s golden anniversary with a exceptional display of rare AMG models.

Interspersed within the usual interesting offerings that Legends has become known for were entrants in the AMG Pre/Post-Merger 1972-1997 class. Standouts here included Allen Lyndon’s full spec (including the 32V cylinder heads!) 1984 500SEL, Mario Puente’s brilliant white 1988 560SEC wide body (with the car’s builder Eddie Lai in attendance).  A full spec 500SL complete with the ultra-are 5 speed manual gearbox was just a few paces away. Jeff Wong’s 1996 E60 was on hand and was nicely complemented by Jano Lukac’s 1987 AMG Hammer sedan.

All about horsepower

The Modern AMG and Modified class was a 25 car display of audacious power culminating with John Friesen’s eye-popping electric orange 2014 SLS Black Series. Diversity has been a keyword at AMG from its beginnings and the firm’s tuners have touched so many MB models over the years. I spied a 2008 CLK 63 Black Series, a E63 wagon, an early normally aspirated E55, a few SLSs and a matte black AMG GT.

And the Winners are…

Best of Mercedes Marque and Best of Show overall was awarded to Jeff Wong for his spotless 1996 E60, one of only two known to exist in the US. Other winners are noted below. Mark you calendar for 2017 and remember the entire Monterey Week moves back one week so legends 2018 falls on August 24th. See you there!

Mercedes-Benz Class 1:  Vintage Cabriolet, Convertible or Roadster 1886-1962

  • 1st place: Bruce Iannelli, 1955 190SLR Tribute
  • 2nd place: Bruce Iannelli, 1957 300SLS Tribute
  • 3rd place:  Bob Buckter, 1960 220SE Cabriolet

Special Awards:

  • MBCA Star of Excellence:  Mercedes-Benz Classic Center, 1958 300SL
  • MBCA Spirit of Competition Trophy:  Bruce Iannelli, 1957 300SLS Tribute

Mercedes-Benz Class 3: Classic Cabriolet, Convertible, or Roadster 1963-1971

  • 1st place: André Lunemann, 1971 280SL
  • 2nd place: Bob Buckter, 1971 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet
  • 3rd place: Hap Frank, 1969 280SL

Mercedes-Benz Class 5: Modern Cabriolet, Convertible or Roadster 1972-1997

  • 1st place: David Galli, 1989 560SL
  • 2nd place: Barry Connelly, 1987 560SL
  • 3rd place:  Allen Tremain, 1996 SL600

Mercedes-Benz Class 6: Modern Sedan, Coupe or Station Wagon 1972-1997

  • 1st place: Kip Finch, 1993 500E
  • 2nd place: Stephen Duncan-Peters, 1994 E500
  • 3rd place:  Kevin Hazelton, 1973 280SE 4.5

Mercedes-Benz Class 7: AMG Pre-Merger and Post-Merger 1972-1997

  • 1st place: Mario Puente, 1988 560SEC AMG
  • 2nd place: Allan Lyndon, 1984 500SEL AMG
  • 3rd place:  Jano Lukac, 1987 AMG Hammer (also received the Michelin Award)

Mercedes-Benz Class 9: Modern AMG, AMG Tributes, and Modified

  • AMG Modern Classic award:  John Friesen, 2014 AMG SLS Black Series
  • Spirit of AMG award: Jeff Wong, 1986 190 2.3-16
  • Modified Award: Albert Shakhnazaryan, 1993 500E

roy spencer/editor mercedesheritage.com

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  • Pre-Merger AMG 500SEL and 500SL remind us of the go go days of the '80s.
  • Muscular AMG CE.
  • Andy Chan poses with his spotless garnet/creme E320 Coupe.
  • AMG Supercars on display.
  • Bruce Iannelli's red 190SLR Tribute (center) won the Vintage Cabriolet/Convertible/Roadster class.
  • Mercedes-Benz Classic Center's recently restored 300SL roadster.
  • The MBCC brain trust taking a deserved break.
  • Bob Buckner's midnight blue 3.5 Cabriolet placed second in class.
  • In your face: A Brabus tweaked 2017 G550 towers above the line of Modern AMG/Modified class entrants.
  • Blue nose is Albert Shakhnazaryan's highly modified 1993 500E and the Best Modified.
  • CLK63 Black Series is one of my favorites.
  • Can't go wrong with matte black on your AMG GT.
  • Timeless elegance: E320 Cabriolet.
  • The SWB 600 presided over the M100 Group Corral.
  • 108/109/111 collector Kim Staskus displayed his excellent survivor 300SEL 4.5.
  • If its velour it must be a Euro model. In this case we see the cozy rear (power!) seat of a euro 6.9.
  • A rarity in a 116 series: power rear seats.
  • Expert judge and MBCA brain trust Richard Simonds does his job while the manganese brown 6.9's owner looks on.
  • This Euro 6.9 was modified in period with the power rear seat and a two-state sunroof. Centra wheels disappoint.
  • Kim Staskus chats with Patti Paulson behind Paulson's green/green 280SE Cabriolet.
  • Pop-up power sunroof in a 116? Yup and installed when new.
  • Patti Paulson's very green 280SE Cabriolet.
  • Blue Green/Creme 560SEC an unusual find.
  • Short bumper byzantine gold(?) early 107.
  • Allen Lyndon reviews the extensive documentaion for his full spec AMG 500SEL with the judges.
  • Spirit of AMG trophy went to Jeff Wong's brilliant Evo wannabe 190E 2.3 16.

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