Book Review: Mercedes-Benz SL/SLC 107 Series Guide

Mercedes-Benz SL/SLC 107 Series
The Detailed Guide
Laurent Pennequin, author
Julian Parish, translator
ISBN 978-2-9561862-5-0
Cover Price $59.99 Available from:


The R107 has finally come into its own. With all SL predecessors too rudimentary or too dear, the R107 is available in plentiful numbers for those desiring refined Mercedes engineering, open top pleasure, and let’s face it: class and style you won’t find in many other cars.

Built over an astonishing 19 year period, there are an assortment of models available. But, how do you sort out your needs and desires, and balance that with your budget? You do it with data, and that is presented here in abundance.

Relatively compact in size, and with just 130 pages, Pennequin packs a dense punch between the end sheets. You will get all the data you need to sort out the differences between all models and years.

Pennequin starts with a brief but exceedingly comprehensive history of series. A timeline from inception to conclusion concisely explores the different models along with extensive detail of sales and production statistics.

There’s a detailed presentation covering bodywork and dimensions, technical specifications and innovations, followed by an exhaustive table of engine data and performance. Moving to the interior, he covers both standard and optional equipment, including wheel covers, wheels and steering wheels, along with copious photos of the myriad paint and trim colors. Were any two built alike?

The R107 didn’t just have a home in the garages of the well to do that could afford them at the time, but some models had a career in Rally and Touring Car Competition as well; read about that here. There’s a section on strengths and weaknesses, on spinoffs, an identification guide and he concludes with period performance specs and road tests.

Pennequin admirably has his extensive sources listed, so there is additional places to go and books to find for those so inclined.

If you want a ready source of accurate information, and a detailed reference, or are considering “joining the club” and buying an R107, the book will provide you with an invaluable resource to guide your quest.

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