What is hip? Evidently a mint 1975 240D…

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What is hip?
MB’s 240D finds glamour

When women’s fashion portal ModCloth.com contacted me about using one of my cars for an upcoming Spring fashion shoot, I was in for sure. But which car did they want? I had a quick look at their kicky and bright website and wasn’t surprised when they requested my perfect and admittedly eye-popping sahara yellow 240D.

They obviously wanted something hip and their art director felt the 240D fit the bill perfectly. There was no interest whatsoever in a 700hp gizmo laden, paddle shifting supercar of the Italian variety. The quirky and definitely hip 240D reflected the company’s design (and color!) ethic beautifully.
Shooting a 240D

I was very interested to hang out during the photo shoot and click some images of my own over the shoulders of the pros. Observing how the models reacted to the cool diesel was very interesting and it was obvious that the car energized the models as well as the photographers. The overall happy vibe is very apparent in the resulting images.

“The company’s’ overall ethic is working quite well; Gross sales for 2015 were about $150m!”

collage 1

Upper left shot shows the professionals at work. Middle upper image is the result of that particular angle.

Dorm Room Success

ModCloth.com is a wonderful story. Founders – and husband and wife – Susan Gregg-Koger and Eric Koger started the business in their college dorm room and created their website in 2002. With a unique and breezy sense of color and style and a commitment to include fashions for a range of body types, the business attracted venture capital and flourished.

collage 2

Daly City fog eventually gave way to brilliant sunshine. Clever shots were interesting to observe.

collage 3

Natural presentation of their models is a ModCloth tradition.

ModCloth gained respect by presenting their models naturally without the massive Photoshop embellishments common to the industry. The company’s overall ethic is working quite well; Gross sales for 2015 were about $150m! It was a treat to have been part of their Spring fashion shoot and I’ve made a few lady friends very happy after shopping on their stylish site, ModCloth.com!

images/modcloth – mercedesheritage.com

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