Mercedes-Benz at Pebble Beach 2023 – The Star Lounge

maybach pebble beach 2023

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Maybach Revitalized

I have to admit I was speechless as I wandered into the cavernous Star Lounge Friday morning in Pebble Beach during this year’s Automotive week. The overall design aesthetic was an exercise in understated elegance with muted serene colors rising off the matte grey floors which were accented with a loosely rendered faux brick pattern and silvery marbled inserts. Think lavender, grey green, aqua green, brick, marbled greys and an eerie pale blue. In fact, the Maybach section’s façade was pale pink.

Within this space was as celebration of the future direction for MB’s premier models. Fully a third of the building was occupied by Maybach, and for those thinking Mercedes was going to allow their ultra premium range to languish, Pebble Beach revealed a renewed focus on the series. Also on view were a special edition Mercedes-AMG SL, a futuristic interpretation of the fabled C111 with attendant accessories, the PROJECT MONDO G, and a lovely 1932 Maybach DS 7 Cabriolet. The full group is below with MB’s PR text.

All New Mercedes-AMG GT

The new two‑door model is already the fifth vehicle to have been developed entirely in-house by Mercedes‑AMG. The all-new AMG GT has a modified dimensional concept compared to its predecessor but remains true to its sporty and dynamic virtues. The all-new AMG GT thus embodies the brand’s high standards of performance luxury like no other product from Affalterbach.

mercedes amb gt

The new AMG GT offers optional 2+2 seating, “hyper analogue” information display, and two engine choices: the 585 HP in the GT 63 and 585 HP in the GT 55.

Vision One-Eleven

Together with the presentation of the sports car study, Mercedes‑Benz is launching the “LIMITED EDITION 1 OF 111” collection. This translates the spirit of the 1970s into the here and now and combines casual sportiness with meticulous attention to detail.

In addition to the distinctive paint finish of the Vision One‑Eleven, the individual accessories – a weekend bag, a hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, a cap and a protective case for an iPhone 14 Pro – echo the vehicle’s characteristic design features. The five items are each limited to 111 pieces and thus offer admirers of this fascinating study an exclusive opportunity to take its style home with them. The products in the collection are now available at

vision one-eleven

The brilliant Vision One-Eleven is an all-electric take on the C111 models form the ’70s. The design follows the “one bow” design featuring an unbroken line from the tip of the nose to the edge of the truncated tail. The shimmering wall behind the car was ‘active’ with slivers of foil being blown by an invisible fan.


The PROJECT MONDO G artwork is also part of Pebble Beach. It combines the characteristic features of the Mercedes‑Benz G‑Class with the puffer jacket by Moncler as part of the collaboration between both brands.

project mondo g

There are no words to describe this puffer jacket clad G Wagon sculpture other than as a shameless social media play. Hence it was absolutely brilliant.

1932 Maybach DS 7 Cabriolet

Mercedes‑Maybach will also be presenting a historic Maybach Zeppelin DS 7 from a private collection along with the latest member of the family, the all-electric Mercedes‑Maybach EQS 680 SUV. In addition, our partner company MAYBACH Icons of Luxury will present a selection of its exclusive accessories and other products. The Maybach brand has always stood for pioneering spirit and innovation.

1932 maybach ds 7 cabriolet

Thirties analog motoring at its best was represented by the glorious 1932 Maybach DS 7 Cabriolet.

Manufaktur Special Edition Mercedes-AMG SL

Mercedes‑Benz has always offered its customers the opportunity to give their vehicles a personal touch. From bespoke paint finishes to a variety of other distinctive options: it’s easy to configure a Mercedes according to personal wishes and ideas. Two years ago, Mercedes‑Benz went one step further and introduced the MANUFAKTUR label.

With this programme, customers can benefit from an even higher level of customisation when ordering their vehicle. As the customisation programme is proving highly popular, it is now being steadily expanded. As an example of this, a Mercedes‑AMG S 63 E PERFORMANCE can be seen at Pebble Beach. Interested parties will also be able to gain insight into the range of customisation available with the MANUFAKTUR programme for Mercedes‑Maybach. As an additional highlight, a limited special edition of the Mercedes‑AMG SL will also celebrate its global premiere.


mercedes-amg sl63 manufacktur

I’m warming up to the new AMG conceived SL models. This special edition Manufaktur Big Sur SL 63 was gorgeous.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge Pebble Beach 2023


  • The Grosser Benz was celebrated as well for 2023.
  • Electrics welcome visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge.
  • How about a tour around the fabled 17 mile drive in a AMG GT Cabriolet?
  • Sumptuous Maybach gasoline SUV.
  • 190E Evo 2.5 complemented the Grossers.
  • Serene extravagance beyond all imagination.
  • Moncler apparel partnership yielded the PROJECT MONDO G.
  • Clever ceiling hangings complemented the stylish decor.
  • The fanciful Project One-Eleven all electric was dazzling.
  • Project One-Eleven interior.
  • Project One-Eleven meticulously crafted wheel/tires.
  • Project One-Eleven; and bags to match.
  • 2024 Mercedes-AMG S 63 Performance with combined power of...791 HP.
  • 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. All electric luxury.

Have a wander through the 2023 Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge.

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