2008 CL65 AMG 40th Anniversary Edition: 1 of 40


A Most Opulent CL65
Celebrating AMG’s 40th

1967 was an important year for former Mercedes-Benz engineers Hans Werner Aufrech and Erhard Melcher. Their fledgling engineering company, Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach Engineering firm, was established solely to create racing engines for clients in Europe. The company would soon focus exclusively on Mercedes-Benz models and create a reputation for uncompromising technical prowess.

Far from being the typical purveyor of showy cosmetics and light technical improvements, AMG would progressively focus on complete performance solutions enhanced by data driven cosmetic modifications. We have only to look back to their 4-cam ‘Hammers’ from the ’80s to understand their dedication to creating completely integrated packages that stunned the performance aftermarket community.

The MSRP? A staggering $298,775.

Mercedes corporate took note and in 1993 formalized a relationship with AMG, the immediate result being the 1993 C36. The relationship prospered and in 2005 AMG became a wholly owned subsidiary on the Mercedes-Benz Group.


1971 300SEL 6.8 AMG The 6.8 liter 300SEL ‘Red Sow’ was an early complete competition build by AMG. Despite its bulk it succeeded in the 1971 European Touring Car Championship. AMG had arrived.

40 Years On

As the 40 year anniversary of AMG’s existence approached, Mercedes-Benz wanted to celebrate this massively profitable and prestigious relationship. Management felt a special car should be created that properly honored this iconic division of the company. It had to be extraordinary and rare. The result was the car you see below, the 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG 40th Anniversary Edition.

Using a 2008 CL65 – its most expensive 2008 model aside from the SLR – as its basis, Mercedes created an entirely bespoke interior combining shades of brown, taupe, and tan. These rich tones were complemented by carbon fiber trim with a weave that matched the leather color palette.

Hand stitching and diamond pleated seat and door panel inserts enhance the elegant and generally understated environment. Alcantara covering the A pillars and headliner completed the sumptuous interior. Its name? Exclusive Passion Nappa leather.


Excusive passion nappa leatherSupreme understated elegance aptly describes the beautifully tailored interior of the car. There is no wood to be seen as carbon fiber with a woven pattern complementing the hushed earth tones of the leather abounds.

Exclusivity Guaranteed

When the discussion turned to precisely how many to build it was decided that one for each year AMG had been in business would be constructed – 40 units. In fact the 40 units were split; the US and Europe would receive 20 each. The option code for the car would be P97. The MSRP? A staggering $298,775.

And so an instant collectible was created and the car remains perhaps the lowest production modern AMG model ever offered. And aside from the SLR, it is likely the most expensive as well.

Both the driving experience and the appearance of the car in its special Alubeam Silver were and remain otherworldly. There was no need to upgrade the specification of the standard CL65; its 604 HP and 738 lb-ft combined with massive AMG vented disc brakes and adjustable suspension allowed each of the 40 owners to run away from just about anything on the road.

This CL65 AMG 40th Anniversary Edition is available for purchase now on The MB Market live auction platform.

The otherworldly glow of alubeam silver sets this CL apart from all others constructed. The owner is reminded of the rarity of the car via center console telephone keypad cover. Massive AMG rotors with twin sliding calipers assist in bringing this 604 HP CL65 to a halt.

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