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220 Cabriolet Project
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April 2016

This Washington state ‘shed’ find came and went a few years ago. But not before we had a bit of fun with it during a photo shoot. If I’d had the funds I would have hung it on the wall untouched as a glorious piece of vintage automobile archeology, rather like Peter Mullin’s enlightened as-found display of the 1925 Bugatti that was pulled from Lake Maggiore after 75 years under water. It has become a stunning installation at the Mullin Museum.

I’m sure this cool blue 220 cabriolet is sitting in a restoration shop somewhere on the planet partially through an agonizing full restoration. I sent the car off with some supplies to fully sort out the interior and soft top and lessen the burden for the restorer. Never got a note from them thanking me for saving them time and material costs…


Seats weren’t too bad… An afternoon working in the leather conditioner that the seller generously provided would have restored them perfectly.


Thankfully, the car arrived with all the supplies to fully restore the soft top.


The trunk was nice and tidy but just needed a wipe down and some tire dressing for the dual spares. And maybe a new rubber seal…


The 1925 Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster shortly after being hoisted from its 75 year rest at the bottom of Lake Maggiore in Italy. Now part of the Mullin Museum and untouched. Image from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine.

roy spencer/editor mercedesheritage
photography/tim pinault courtesy mercedesheritage

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