126 Perfection: 22k mile 300SE


Cadillac, Lexus, BMW and Infinity could only dream about build quality that approached that of the 126 range in 1989. Not all 126s have been run to death over the ensuing decades as this museum quality 22k mile 300SE demonstrates. It’s perfect and fully documented.

SWB 126 Show Car
22k mile perfection

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Was there a better built, more durable or safer luxury sedan built in the latter ’80s than the vault-like 126 SE/SELs? I can’t think of anything. Mercedes was unquestionably the king of the premium luxury segment although the Japanese were creeping up market with increasing success. Still, no Lexus or Infinity door closed with the ‘hewn from a solid mass of granite’ solidity of that period’s ‘S’ class. I distinctly remember watching the A post flex while I gently levered a new Q45’s door against its stops. This would have undoubtedly shocked MB engineers.

The muscular and vast 560SEL was for the titans of industry, the 420SEL for junior execs and wives of the well heeled. Those MB clients who felt slightly diminished by E-class ownership opted for the SWB six cylinder SE.

The three liter variant offered vaunted S class build quality within a more manageable wheelbase in addition to lower running costs resulting from the simpler drivetrain. While nimble may be too flattering, the SWB models feel distinctly less yacht-like on the road. This 22k, spectacularly preserved 300SE looks, drives and smells as new.

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