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: AZ, United State
I have a very very nice Mercedes 220 D for sale. I have many more pictures, so email for a download link to about 30 hi resolution photos.

Car is sound in every way. Steering is tight and does not need work. Very low mileage for its year, 84,116. Please see the gas, brake and clutch pedals to see how the pads are not worn, which verifies the low mileage. Everything works. I just charged the AC today and it is blowing cool air, but I can't guarantee the AC as I dont know if it will will last till tomorrow or a week or year from now.

Interior is perfect other than some wear on the driver carpet. I have had thick rubber matts in it the entire time i have owned and to keep the carpet pristine. The inside really does look like new. Has a great working sound system with becker radio and side arm cassette player. Player works sometimes sometimes eats your cassette as it needs a new rubber band on the drive gear that I think has stretched and is too long. I replaced that band 7 years ago and was working for a long time, but now I think it needs a new one again. Speakers sound awesome and I can't believe this old factory stereo works so well. Seats have not marring to the MB Leathertex original material. Door panels are perfect. Its really an exceptional interior, and headliner is perfect too.

Fuel injector tips have been replaced with better monarch tips. Vacuum pump has been rebuilt which is necessary on these old diesels as a maintenance procedure. The pump never failed, it was just rebuilt as a matter of maintenance.

Car has never been painted and been garage its entire life. Paint holds a gloss, It is not waxed. I have had this car for 7 years and I never waxed it. So you can see the paint as it is, not all polished up and then you wash it and realize you have to wax it after every wash. Car is a light beige or cream white.

There are some flaws on the body. The previous owner had the rear tire blow out and bend the left wheel well a bit as seen the photo. Over the years since I have owned it, the paint there has gotten worse and so that area could use some works. Then there are some paint chips here and there, and two small rust areas. One is below the window chrome and the metal is 100% solid under it. The other is on the left front fender by the chrome strip. It is VERY MINOR. Please see close up pics for all flaws as I took a lot of pictures just to show the flaws.

This is the manual steering model, 4 speed Manual Transmission and has the very vintage original magnetic seat belts.

I am selling this car because its the low altitude model. They made two different injector pumps for these. As I live at 5000-6000 feet, I need the high altitude model. I have given up the idea of ever living at low altitude and so I don't drive it enough to warrant keeping it when I can put something I will drive more in the garage. It drives fine at high altitude, but it runs richer at hi altitude than ideal and I don't want to build carbon up on the inside of the motor from constant rich fuel, so I take it on occasional luxury trips when I go to low altitude places. Exhaust is not visible. Runs great.

I am asking 15,000 for this. The last one or these that I saw sold on ebay a few months ago. It went for over 17,000 and it had a few thousand more miles and the interior in that car was good, but not nearly as immaculate as in this car. That ebay car had a very nice repaint, but it was still a repaint and who knows what was redone under that paint. With this car you are getting everything original.

Along with this car I have a 1976 Mercedes 300D parts car. Its a W115 as well and many parts are interchangeable with this 72. Its free to anyone who wants to tow it home who purchases this car. Or, if you just want that car, contact me and we can talk about it as I do need it gone.

I live in Prescott, but can show in Phoenix to serious buyers. If you are far away, I may be able to help with delivery depending on where you live. I would not hesitate to drive this car anywhere no matter how far away as all upkeep has been done, new hoses, etc, etc since I got it so I have no fears at all as to its reliability. In fact, I only drive old cars with my newest being a 1991 and this car is by far my most reliable car. I also had the radiator core replaced when I bought this as the radiators for these are no longer available and it was the original 40 year radiator and so I replaced the core on it as a matter of maintenance.
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