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: CA, United State
Now this is something that you don't see every day!! Yes, it is a right hand drive Mercedes W123 wagon!! This was going to be my last car ever, never to be sold. Very fond memories driving across country with my son camping out of it for three weeks, countless car shows and club events and many, many plans for the future that included this car but....oh well....leaving the US now and everything must go...!

Interesting sideline....It is a numbers matching car!! What do I mean by this? Well, in England for a time it was common practice to sandblast the registration number in the corner of all the glass installed in order to deter theft of the car for parts and the number A657 AUX was on every piece of glass so I researched and found that it is the appropriate registration number for late 1983 early 1984 in London. So I had some authentic looking Euro plates made up for that number and then even got CA personalized plates made with the same number so ...all the 'numbers' match!!!

Anyway, I have been working on this car for years. I have rebuilt both front seats, they are as supportive as new, I have another spare set of correct door cards in the Euro fabric that match the interior, a ton of extra parts for the front end like brakes and bushings and motor mounts you name it. I have another 300TD parts car with a 40k engine in it as my parts car and I had wanted to remove all of the front end parts from that and have them all powdercoated then swap everything with all new discs and bushings etc and the powdercoated subframes and so forth into this car and if I get a chance before I leave the country I'll see if I can get that done, in any event all of the parts come with the car and you can even take the parts car too and sell the engine and transmission out of it to pay for the labor! I even found left hand drive Euro headlamp lenses to replace the right hand drive Euro lenses but both sets go with the car. Both front and rear turn signal lenses are the correct darker orange colors as original. Rear fog and back up lamps are correct as is the Euro trailer hitch too.

This wagon runs and drives beautifully, save for a little pedal vibration under braking, It has ample power even with a 4 cylinder GAS engine the 5 speed manual makes it a cinch to get up to appropriate speeds quickly and amazingly efficiently, I routinely get almost 30mpg! And yes....adapting to right hand drive manual shifting is a piece of cake once I give you a couple of adaptive secrets.

The dash is perfect as is the rest of the interior, manual roll up windows, rear bench seat, package cover, pet net, and the coveted crossbars for the roof rack included, actually have 4 of those but only two on the car at the moment. The body is super solid and all doors and hood close perfectly, all the vacuum works for the locks and the headlights, some minor bubbling at the bottom of a couple of fenders but since it has the NO LONGER AVAILABLE Mercedes emblem mudflaps you don't notice it. I had planned on doing a complete repaint anyway so was going to deal with the bubbles at that time.

I have replaced the entire fuel system, rebuilt the carb, water pump and radiator, many gaskets and I'm sure a ton of other stuff that I'd have to review the file on to remember. A very dependable amazing car that I am really sad to let go of but I'm afraid that importing it to Mexico might be too big of a hassle..please call me for a viewing and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed! This has been truly one of my most favorite cars to have owned and I have owned 100s of vehicles and this is one of the top ten that I never should have let go to be sure....
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